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Shotgun Ammo For Sale

Shotgun Ammo is probably the most versatile type of firearm. They can be used for hunting large and small games, for wingshooting, clay games (such as trap, skeet, or sporting clays), tactical use, defense, and multi-gun. One of the aspects of shotguns that makes them so versatile is the drastically different types of ammunition available

Component of a Shotgun Ammo

Gauge: The diameter of the gun’s barrel. In a confusing system that dates back to cannons, shotgun gauges are measured in the weight of a solid sphere of lead that will take up the entire bore. So a 10ga barrel fits a lead ball that’s 1/10th of a pound and a 12ga fits one that’s 1/12th of a pound. The larger the number, the smaller diameter the gun’s barrel is. You can only shoot the correct gauge shell for your gun.
Shell Length: This corresponds to the chamber size of a gun; shotguns typically come with 2 3/4, 3 or 3 1/2 inch chambers. A larger chamber can shoot a smaller shell, but a smaller chamber will be damaged by shooting a larger shell due to over-pressurization. Obviously, a larger shell is able to hold more shots, so the larger sizes are becoming more popular with hunters.
Velocity: The speed at which the shot is propelled from the gun, as it’s leaving the barrel. This is actually a user-friendly number, meaning you don’t need to account for “drams” of powder versus the amount and size of shot and shell to determine velocity. The higher the velocity, the further the shot will travel and the more punch it will pack at a larger range, for its given size.
Shot Weight: The weight of the shot in the shell, measured in ounces. The higher the number, the more shot you’re putting onto a target, but it will also create more recoil, which could affect accuracy.

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